We need your help!
March 6, 2021, 12:54 PM

We Need Your help!

There has been an unexpected expense that will cost approximately $25,000.00 in US dollars - to install a sports court on the school property - and we cannot open the school until this is done!

We need the funding to accomplish this - and the authorities will return on April 15th to see if it has been completed. 

We had a visit from the Mexican authorities on Monday to give us the certificate to re-open the school.
But there was a problem!  We planned to use the sports court across the road at Sonshine Hacienda.  The authorities decided that the sports court needed to be adjacent to the school on the school property itself.  This comes at a high cost - we have to remove the gravel next to the school and install cement and approved equipment for Basketball/ Volleyball / Soccer.

We need your prayers for this situation -  so that we can open this Christian school!   This is God's ministry - so He will prevail.

And if you  can help us to fund the sports court, please go to Sonshinehacienda.org - click on the donate page and donate whatever you can

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