Sonrise Academy

We Need Your help!

There has been an unexpected expense that will cost approximately $25,000.00 in US dollars - to install a sports court on the school property - and we cannot open the school until this is done!

We need the funding to accomplish this - and the authorities will return on April 15th to see if it has been completed. 

We had a visit from the Mexican authorities on Monday to give us the certificate to re-open the school.
But there was a problem!  We planned to use the sports court across the road at Sonshine Hacienda.  The authorities decided that the sports court needed to be adjacent to the school on the school property itself.  This comes at a high cost - we have to remove the gravel next to the school and install cement and approved equipment for Basketball/ Volleyball / Soccer.

We need your prayers for this situation -  so that we can open this Christian school!   This is God's ministry - so He will prevail.

And if you  can help us to fund the sports court, please

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School is Open!  (with restrictions)

 Due to pandemic restrictions we are not able to teach students in our brand new building.  

For now Sonrise Academy is being held  at Sonshine Hacienda and is teaching only the 19 children from Sonshine that are primary students. For the students in the local community that are currently unable to attend, they are being taught online via television classes by the public school system per restrictions from the Mexican government - just to keep everyone safe in our current crisis.

Hopefully by the beginning of the next semester (January) we will be able to hold full classes in the new building!

We will keep you informed. 

For those of you who have sponsored students - we only have a few sponsorships to date. So we are pooling the sponsorship funds for the children at Sonshine - so that we don't have a few that have sponsors and many others that do not.  We will use the funds as the expenses occur. You will recieve personal notes from one of the students and will be advised of the progress of the students during the school year. We are still taking sponsorships of any amount!  We are hoping to have 20 more by the time the pandemic restrictions are lifted.


Sponsorships are now available!

You can sponsor the children of Sonrise Christian Academy with any amount!  Either a one time donation or monthly

If you wish to cover the total cost to  to Sponsor a child for a month is $120.00 (US) 

We do ask for a year long commitment (12 months)

This includes Tuition, Uniform, transportation if required, books, and some ongoing  school supplies

In order to begin your Sponsorship donation, please click on the link below and fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

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For additional information, please email us at

Yearly cost of a sponsorship is $1,440.00 (US)




Sonrise Christian Academy

Why a School?

For the children at Sonsine Hacienda, one of the ways out of poverty is through education. This gives a child hope for the future - the dream that they can do anything! God directs us in our path, and our hope is fulfilled in Christ.  A Christian education can empower the children to fulfill their dreams.  

There are children in our local community also that need a Christian education - so we sponsor not only the children at Sonshine, but also those in the community.

The Vision of a school becomes a reality

God put it on the hearts of a group of our supporters from Washington State, to build a school. These people got together and raised funds to begin Sonrise Christian Academy. The land across the street from Sonshine Hacienda was purchased and ground was broken in January of 2018.  Local contractors were hired for the construction, providing much needed support for the community.

Now the vision is a reality.  The school is built and classes will begin on August 24, 2020.
We are so blessed that we will be able, with your help, to provide a Christian education not only for the children at Sonshine Hacienda, but for the local community.