May-June 2017 Newsletter - Miracle and Other Blessings

Divine Connections

God has brought so many Divine connections to Sonshine Hacienda! Recently, the two men pictured above with Pastor Gary reached out to us after discovering us online. They were bound from Austin, Texas, to Cabo San Lucas on an adventure trip, and wondered if they could stop by on their way with a load of donations.

Packed to the hilt with everything they would need for their car camping trip, they also managed to squeeze in several bags of rice, beans, macaroni and cheese, oatmeal, soap, crackers, and a couple of monkeys for the children. We thoroughly enjoyed meeting these gentlemen and look forward to continuing our friendship in the future.

We’ve had several other visits over the past 6 weeks from friends who also just happened to stumble upon us. One day, Papa Randy was outside working on vehicle maintenance when he noticed a couple driving slowly by. He went out to greet them. Our new friends Don and Katie live in nearby El Centro, California, and offered to bring us supplies when they come to town. Just last week, a day after running out of paper towels, they reached out to us and asked how they could help. Divine timing! They also brought us a huge box of baby wipes. And a few days later an 8-month-old girl came to live with us. More Divine timing!

These are just two examples of the Divine connections that God has brought our way recently. We could fill a book with the visits from the Lion’s Club, our local post office bringing fresh fish, longtime friends coming to simply play with the children for an afternoon, church groups that provide us with school supplies every year, the list goes on and on! We appreciate each and every donation, each and every volunteer hour, each and every prayer. We could not do what we do without each one of you!

New Faces at Sonshine Hacienda

We are thrilled to introduce you to two new members of the Sonshine team! Denisse Ramirez is our newest nanny. She has a background in education and arrived just in time to help the children with their year-end homework and exams. She has an endless supply of patience, making her an ideal member of our staff! Also joining our team is Karen Rubi, on-site psychologist. While DIF does not currently require us to provide counseling for the children, we saw the need was there and sought out Karen to help us fill it. Karen is with us 5 days a week, and has been earning the children’s trust through activities, music, and individual sessions. We are so grateful that God blessed us with these gifted women!

Another Sonshine Miracle

Many of you know and love our children, Christian and Nidia, and no one was more excited than they were to meet their baby sister Maria Milagrosa. (Milagrosa is Spanish for Miracle.) “Milly” joined our family on June 20 and we all fell instantly in love! She is 8-months-old and loves to roll over and blow raspberries. We guarantee she will win you over with her toothy grin.

Future Home of Sonrise School

When God shows you a need, He asks you to step in and fill it. That is how Sonshine Hacienda came into existence. There were children in need of a safe haven, and brick by brick, prayer by prayer, Sonshine was built. But God’s work is never finished. The children of San Felipe need more from us. And we feel that the next need God is leading us to fill is a good, stable education. In the coming months we’ll be sharing with you more about our vision for Sonrise School!



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