May-July 2015 - The Busy Bees Who Help Us


Thank You! And God Bless You All!

by Karen Lewis


Sonshine Hacienda is blessed to have the support of the citizens of San Felipe. Without them, our orphanage and children's home would be a boat without a paddle! 

Each winter, we look forward to the fundraisers held to benefit Sonshine Hacienda.  People come together through different organizations to donate time and money to help fulfill the mission of creating a safe and nurturing place for children. How amazing it is to see everyone work together on the various projects!
Every peso and dollar that is raised through these events is used to sustain Sonshine. We use this money to buy food and clothing. And this year we used some of the money to complete our in-progress building projects at Sonshine Hacienda.
Thank you to Mission San Felipe Church & 99 Plus1 Ministries (John & Bonnie Gilbert) for another successful yard sale for 2015. This is the most popular event among our Mexican community.
The annual Scorpions Jeep Club Fun Day is always so much fun.  We compete in events in our Jeeps and enjoy each other. The event includes raffles, a good lunch, and trophies for the winners of the events.  

In March, the Annual Blues and Arts Festival, sponsored by San Felipe Lions Club, was held at the commons at the El Dorado Ranch Golf Course club house. It was another great day.   The Lions Club gave part of their proceeds to Sonshine Hacienda. 

We appreciate each of these groups--and of course YOU TOO--that worked so hard to help change our children’s lives. ###


 by Karen Lewis

As soon as we settled into Sonshine Hacienda, we needed more space.
  • A bigger laundry area.
  • A bigger pantry area.
  • A sorting, labeling, and storage area for our clothing.
  • A study hall for the children to do homework.
  • A second bedroom for the manager's apartment.
Our laundry and pantry areas shared a space. We used a dorm room for clothes storage. But that dorm room was needed for it’s intended purpose….for children!

The older children needed a  quiet room dedicated for study and computer lab time. That way, the little ones could use the “great room” for their playtime.

Alvaro & Diana, our Administrators had a darling baby boy in January, 2015. Since they already had a child in a one bedroom apartment we added another bedroom.

Thanks to generous donations, we covered the expenses of materials and some needed local workers. But most work was done by brothers and sisters who came on mission. 

Thank you to Paul Korneliussen & his team from Faith Community Fellowship in Mt. Vernon, WA, for beginning the apartment project.

Thank you to Bookcliff Baptist Church Youth Group, from Grand Junction, CO. They helped work on the new laundry room.

Thanks go to the Crossroads Church Missions Team from Turlock, CA.  They were ready to do anything that we asked of them. They worked on our construction as well as painting projects. They also donated an awesome Bounce House to the kids!. This group of twenty has already signed up to return in December, 2015.

Thanks to Dennis Williams from Borrego Springs, CA, who stayed with Bob & Debbie Lewis and worked at Sonshine Hacienda for a couple of weeks.

And Thanks to a faithful servant of the Lord, Dean Hood, from Tuscon, AZ. Dean and his wife Linda stayed for one month and worked at Sonshine. After returning home for a month, Dean returned and worked non-stop everyday. Dean’s brother, Doyle, came for two weeks, too. We value Dean’s friendship and dedication to serve the Lord. Gary & Karen miss their trips with Dean for Ice Cream practically every night! Come back soon, Dean!  :-)   ###



by Karen Lewis

Whatever you need, she is there for you. I have never met anyone like her. She is tireless, always running from one activity to another, always with high heels and beautifully dressed. She became an advocate for Sonshine Hacienda a year ago. She knew that the Mexican community did not fully understand what Sonshine Hacienda was all about. So Profesora (teacher) Norma began gathering people she felt could be “sponsors” to the children, people that could educate their community about Sonshine Hacienda. She invited teachers, such as herself, business owners, accountants, professional people. They were each given a child’s name to sponsor. So when Christmas comes or the Day of the Child or their birthday, this group comes bearing dinner and gifts for the children and the Sonshine kitchen staff. What a blessing they are to the children…and to each of us.  So say a prayer of thanks for Profesora Norm. She truly is our Angel. ###

Bob is the associate of Gary and Karen. Churches or groups needing information Mission Trips should contact Bob

Debbie is the bookkeeper for MPM. Contact her at

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