It is hard to believe that four weeks have passed since the children arrived at Sonshine Hacienda.  These weeks have been filled with 

blessings, challenges and many adjustments.  But the most important lesson that this writer has learned is that it is a true blessing to serve the Lord in this glorious way…in spite of the long hours and aches and pains.  The  children can wear you out at times….but a smile from one oftheir precious faces can take away the fatigue in an instant!!  What fun the kids have had playing in a fancy sprinkler, blowing bubbles and other fun times. 
One week after we got our original 6 children, we added four lovely sisters to our family.  Then one week later we were asked by the local Social Services if we would take 3 children on an emergency basis for a short period of time. So Ruby, 12 years old,  Ignacio, 11 years  and Angel, 5, came to stay with us.  Angel was soon placed with his Paternal Grandmother. But we  are blessed to have the other two still with us.  They are great kids and we enjoy them here with us.
So in the past month, we have had an outbreak of head lice (now resolved…praise the Lord), a couple of throat infections that involved trips to the doctor, a case of Heat Stoke at school (all is well) and most recently the most interesting ear ache.  Our 4 year old Joaquin has had problems with his right ear.  We have tried drops in his ear, cleansing his ear, etc..  Then yesterday, after another attempt at looking in his ear, Mama Diana (our Administrator), saw something strange and lo and behold pulled out a piece of plastic out of his ear.  OUCH!! Joaquin apparently has had that in his ear for a long time by the looks of it. Poor baby!! We are going to follow up with the doctor and see if this is part of the reason that Joaquin cannot speak well.  We will keep you updated on how things are going with Joaquin. In the picture to the left, Joaquin is the little guy wearing the hat.
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