March 2019   
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Donating to Sonshine Hacienda

Thank you for your interest in donating to Sonshine Hacienda!   We go through most  items quickly, so we appriciate all you can donate. Our mailing address for packages is at the bottom of the page.

For a current list of children's ages, genders, and sizes please  Click Here



The children have church shoes, school shoes and play shoes - and we are in need of additional shoe racks. The  shoe racks go at the end of the bunk beds so here is the style that we use;


We are sprucing up our bathrooms and need the following. 

Bath Towels               Hand Towels

Washclothes               Shower mats

Shower curtains and liners (12) - we have six shower stalls for girls and six for boys.

Large shower sponges


Toilet brushes

Liquid Hand Soap

Long Rubber gloves for cleaning


Other current needs are;

Laundry Soap - we have High Effeciency Washers - so need the HE LIQUID laundry soap. We can't use powdered laundry soap in these washers.

Sheets - we have over 20 twin beds and are always in need of sheets/pillowcases.

School shoes for two of our older girls - womens size 10 and 9.5.  They require black Mary Jane flats. 

Shoe Laces - for children's and women;s tennis shoes

White button down school uniform shirts - see list for sizes

School socks - Boys are plain black socks, girls are knee high light weight white socks - sizes small medium and large 

Sturdy Plastic Plates -such as melamine. they can be devided or not (not the disposable kind)


Sturdy Plastic cups - smaller for little hands (not disposable)

Table cloths - these can be cloth or flannel backed plastic ( for 6 foot rectangle tables)

Long Rubber gloves - for washing dishes

Kitchen Aprons - full length restaurant style

Laundry Baskets - we need the large ones, as we do many loads of laundry daily

Dish Drainer trays - we use the commercial style drainers


Shampoo                             Conditioner

Hair Gel                               Deodorant (with baking soda)

Liquid Hand Soap               Body Wash

Mouthwash                          Toilet Paper ( large packages are great!)

Maxi Pads                           Black liquid shoe polish

Hair Brushes                       Lice Combs

Nail Clippers                       Baby Wipes

Lysol                                                     Napkins       .

 Paper towels


Trash bags - small medium and large sizes

bar towels/rags for cleaning

spray bottles - to use with water to style hair 


Large sacks of Rice                                              Large sacks of Beans

Large jars of jam                                                   Pancake mix  

Large jars of Mayonaise                                       Large bottles of Catsup

Canned fruit in syrup                                            Canned berry pie filling

Quaker Oatmeal                                                   Cereal (Kelloggs)

Catsup                                                                   Powdered Milk                                    



All donations can be brought to Sonshine Hacienda in Las Minitas, San Felipe. Drop off hours are 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday thru Saturday.

If you are sending a package that cannot be delivered to a PO Box please mail to Marketplace Missions, 237 Rockwood Ave, C/O Sunrunner PMB 41, Calexico Ca 92231 

Financial donations may be made through PayPal, or by mailing a check to: Sonshine Hacienda, PMB 41, PO Box 9011, Calexico, CA 92232.


To donate via PayPal or by credit card, click the link: