April 2013 - Sonshine Hacienda Newsletter
Baptism collage of Sonshine Hacienda baptisms

They looked like Angels in their white robes. So sweet and pure. Their love for the Lord was so honest & genuine. I know because I had seen the change,  growth & transformation of their lives. What an honor it has been to be a spectator to the development of the love of Jesus Christ in the heart and soul of each of these six children & in our Nanny, Linda Martinez. The picture tells the story. JOY, pure JOY!


During Spring Break each year in San Felipe, the beaches are filled with young people from all parts of the country. They come here to have fun, party. But not all the young people were here just for the fun-some were here to help make a difference in the lives of others.  That was the case of the youth from Bookcliff Baptist Church from Grand Junction, Colorado, lead by their Youth Pastor, Bobby Crick. Paul Kornellison, our Marketplace Missions Contractor and member of the Sonshine team got busy organizing the various work projects that this team would be taking on during their week with us. "It was amazing what the team accomplished in just a few short days" states Pastor Gary Lewis.  Some of the group was assigned to painting projects. They painted shelves that will store plastic bins of clothing for future children and another group painted the new bike rack that Paul had built for the childrens bikes. Some members of the group worked with Paul to dig, pour cement & place 4 tall steel poles in place that will eventually be used to attach shade screens over the play area. Their was some great time spent with the children while the team was here. The team brought sport jerseys and basketballs for the kids...the children all loved those jerseys. We can't get them to wear anything else!  


On April 27th, the Scorpions Club held a 4 wheel drive trip into the desert and invited the kids from Sonshine to join them on the run. So, we selected 8 of our oldest children to go on the trip, along with Mama Karen & Papa Gary (in our Jeep). In total, there were 8 Jeeps in the caravan, and each jeep had a child. The kids were given walkie talkies so that they could talk to one another in the journey and they LOVED that...they never stopped talking! We traveled about two hours or so into the desert (all off road) and then stopped at our spot to have lunch. But before lunch, we took a hike up to a waterfall right in the middle of the desert....AWESOME. The kids were so excited because there were big frogs in the water....something that you do not see everyday in the desert of Baja. The kids were "over the moon" with happiness. After lunch, we slowly made our way back over rolling hills to "Quarts Mountain". It is a sight to see. The mountain is literally covered by beautiful glistening quarts. The kids ran up the mountain...Rene slipped and cut his head (only three stitches needed), but he said it was worth it! By the time we made it back to Sonshine Hacienda, it was around 5:30 pm. The kids were tired, but very happy. They experienced something new for the very first time. Thank you Scorpions members for making such special memories for our kids!!


We are fast approaching the time of year that we all know brings its challenges to Sonshine Hacienda. As most of you know, the heat begins to climb in May and by June we are forced to use our air conditioners full time. We are blessed to have "split units"...which means we only have to use the air units in the rooms that we are using at the time. That keeps the cost down...Praise the Lord! But with even that cost containment, our electric bills are our biggest expense during the summer months. Summer months include May until sometime in late September and often into November. UGH!! Our electric bills are usually over $1000 (dollars) per month. THAT IS A HUGE INCREASE IN OUR MONTHLY OPERATING COSTS DURING THESE SUMMER MONTHS.  If you are already supporting Sonshine Hacienda...God Bless You. If not, pray about it! We appreciate all of you who of Sonshine Hacienda!!

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