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Our hearts desire is to provide a safe loving Christian environment, where any child in need can feel welcome. We believe that every child should have the right to feel safe, secure and loved.  We desire to provide a home that will help to instill a sense of self worth and value, as well as the ability to receive a good education. Our greatest wish is that every child that passes through Sonshine Hacienda will come to know Jesus Christ as their personal savior.



The mission of Sonshine Hacienda is to provide a safe, positive, nurturing environment for children who are at risk because of neglect, abuse, abandonment or who are orphans




In March 2005, Marketplace Missions received a donation with instructions to buy some land in the San Felipe area. No one, including the donors, was really clear on what the land should be used for at the time.

5 months later, in August 2005, Marketplace Missions and 99 Plus 1 Ministries (another ministry in San Felipe) met with the Social Workers from DIF (Desarrollo Integral de la Familia - or Development of the Integrated Family, the equivalent of Child Protective Services). One social worker tearfully relayed a story of having to return a child to an unsafe home because there was no other family, nor space in any of the facilities in Mexicali. She had no other option than to place that child back into the abusive home from which he had been removed. At  that meeting, DIF expressed that their most critical need was for a safe home to place children who need to be removed from their home for a period of time because of neglect or abuse.

For Marketplace Missions this meeting confirmed the leading that they were receiving from the Lord for their organizations to do something for the children of San Felipe. Out of this meeting with DIF, there was now direction and purpose. The land was purchased and the Marketplace Mission Mexican Civil Association was formed and soon after, construction was begun.

The term “orphanage” does not accurately reflect the true vision or purpose of Sonshine Hacienda. The Spanish word “alberque” (refuge) has the implication “to take in” – this is a more accurate picture of what the role of Sonshine Hacienda will be – a safe house, as well as a more traditional home for orphans. This will open the door to "take in" not only orphans, by the American definition, but also aid the social services of San Felipe in being able to place abused, neglected and/or abandoned children in a safe place while they and their family situation can be evaluated more in depth.

Our dream of having a permanently established home in San Felipe that the children and the government can depend on to serve the community for generations to come has now become a reality.  Thanks to the Lord and thousands of volunteers from all across the US, Canada and Mexico, we have gone from an empty lot in the suburb of Colonia Las Minitas to a loving and caring refuge for His precious children.  

We have been so blessed by the way the Lord has provided donations from individuals, churches and civic organizations in the past, and we continue to trust Him to provide funds to furnish and operate Sonshine Hacienda in the future

For more information, please contact Marketplace Missions at (916-223-5225)  and ask for Jack

or email: sonshine@marketplacemissions.net  





  August 2020  
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